Best Places to Visit in Dubai

top best places to visit in dubai

OUR PICK # 1 – Burj al Arab

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Resting on its own personal island, the Burj al Arab has actually been referred to as the most luxurious hotel in the world and is the best sign of the financial and cultural success of modern-day Dubai. For the majority of us, a stay in the elegant seven star hotel is little more than a pipeline dream however for those who do get the chance to experience one of the plush, palatial suites, there will be a whole host of delights awaiting you. From rooftop swimming pools to a personal butler service to a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce at your beck and call, the Burj al Arab is overindulgence and opulence at its finest. The classy and vibrant property also includes nine different dining establishments, a delicious health club, gold-plated iPads and Apple Macs in every room, a helipad and a fish tank. If you wish to invest your holiday feeling like royalty then look no more.

OUR PICK # 2 – Jumeirah Mosque

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Pearly white and stunning, the Jumeirah Mosque is the only mosque in Dubai that is open to non-Muslim visitors although conservative clothes is needed and ladies must use a headscarf. Visitors can take part in an assisted trip, led by the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, which lasts an hour and offers a fantastic opportunity to learn all about Islam and Emirati culture. The tour costs 20 AED and consists of Arabic coffee and a selection of conventional pastries. The mosque boasts breathtaking architecture with two turrets that scrape the sky and perfectly frame the main dome of the structure and an interior that is both elaborate and vast with a capacity of 1,200. Its appeal is particularly accentuated when it is lit up at night, leaving audiences without any doubt regarding why this is among the most photographed landmarks in the nation.

OUR PICK # 3 – Dubai Creek

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The Dubai Creek flows through the heart of the area, connecting the desert to the sea trading port, and was initially Dubai’s bottom line of contact with the outdoors world. Nowadays it is a center of activity where you can see and do all sorts of things. To begin with, get an introduction of the landscape by catching one of the cable television cars that traverse the length of Dubai Creek Park (2.3 km) whilst suspending you 30m in the air. Next, visit the main market and purchase spices, the ideal present for anybody special you might have left in the house. You might even peruse the gold merchants if your spending plan permits it but keep in mind to haggle hard before you devote to purchasing anything. At night, pull up a chair at one of the gourmet restaurants that sit along the side of the creek and watch the sun set over the water.

OUR PICK # 4 – Desert Safari

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If you think there is nothing to do in the desert other than take a look at sand, prepare to be happily shocked as you start among Dubai’s well-known desert safaris. Choose from either an early morning or evening journey and make sure your camera is fully charged as this is an experience you will not want to forget. Generally, the trips include a number of various aspects with the first area of the excursion consisting of a drive through the dunes to a camel farm. As the day goes on you will get the opportunity to ride on the back of a camel, sand board, get covered in sophisticated henna styles and view some excellent tummy dancing. When it comes to consuming, travellers will be treated to a BBQ banquet, total with Arabic coffee and a shisha pipe to round off. For those feeling adventurous, sand snowboarding and quad cycling are also available as added additionals.

OUR PICK # 5 – Bastakia Quarter

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While much of Dubai is a beacon of modernity with more gleaming skyscrapers and megamalls built every day, there is one part of the city that has been left alone by designers and functions as an antique of the city’s modest fishing town origins. The Bastakia Quarter is the home of a sprawling fabric souk in addition to several old structures that feature wind towers, a conventional form of air-conditioning that came from Iran. Intriguing sites in the location consist of the sole staying part of the Old City Wall and a number of various galleries such as the XVA, Ave Gallery or Majilis Gallery, the latter Dubai’s earliest business art house. There are lots of traditional dining establishments and coffee shops where you can stop for a quick bite or cup of mint tea. A popular choice for food is Bastakiah Nights, a Lebanese restaurant with an excellent roof location.

OUR PICK # 6 – Dubai Mall

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Whether you’re a shopaholic or not, a trip to the Dubai Mall is an absolute must. Spread out throughout a location the size of 200 football fields, this shopping and leisure centre is virtually a city in itself. The shopping mall encompasses more than 1,200 various merchants, offering whatever from designer fashion and jewellery to furnishings and electronic devices. However the enjoyable doesn’t stop there. For those who think being dragged from shop to store is pure abuse, the mall has an entire range of other amusements, including the world’s greatest aquarium, an Olympic-sized ice skating rink and a 22 screen movie theater complex. When cravings strikes, there are too many eateries to count offering something for everyone from great dining to junk food. To top all of it off the shopping mall likewise has a 155 million year-old skeleton of a Diplodocus in The Souk part of the structure.

OUR PICK # 7 – Wild Wadi Water Park

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Channel your inner child and make a splash at this world of watery wonder. This family-friendly destination is one of Dubai’s best destinations and a great place to spend a day in the sunshine, though make certain you stock up on water and sun cream. Naturally, the park’s main selling point is its huge selection of rides, which vary from exhilarating slides that shoot you down at a leading speed of 80km/h to the far more tame dhow-shaped backyard. The Wild Wadi Water Park also boasts the biggest wave pool in the Middle East and a surf maker that gushes out over seven tonnes of water per second in the form of a thin sheet, ideal for body boarding, knee boarding and even surfing if you’re feeling brave. Of course, if the non-stop delights get too much, there is a lot of space to have a mild swim or to lounge around in the sun.

OUR PICK # 8 – Atlantis Aquarium

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Home to over 65,000 marine animals, the Atlantis Aquarium is the best day out for adults and children alike. The entire complex encompasses a ‘Lost City of Atlantis’ theme and is decorated appropriately, including a mystical element to the experience. Not only do visitors get the chance to see and learn about some astoundingly gorgeous sea animals, including fish, rays, shark and more, however there are several chances to connect with the animals. The Predator Dive uses water-lovers the chance to be completely immersed, scuba gear in tow, in the ambassador tank where they will be able to hand-feed an entire series of different wildlife. Snorkelling is also a choice for those who choose a bird’s-eye view of the tank’s residents. Always remember to have a look at the fish tank’s most recent destination, two uncommon Albino Alligators, and the regular feedings that occur throughout the complex.

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