Guide to the Best Budget Hotels in India

One of the fantastic features of India as a tourist location is that it’s ideal for those who are taking a trip on a budget plan. India has actually always been a backpackers paradise, offering a seemingly endless range of low-cost hotels. Yet, spending plan travel in India not suggests needing to compromise comfort to save money. The tourism boom has resulted in boutique hotels coming up all over the country to cater for those who desire quality at economical prices. Discover some of the best budget plan hotels in India here.



Compare Hotels in Agra

Those who check out Agra usually only stay long enough to see the Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri. Sadly, most of the budget hotels in Agra are as uninspiring as the city itself. However, there are a couple of stick out budget plan options, consisting of the distinct experience of homestay lodgings.


Compare Hotels in Chennai

Hotels in Chennai, the gateway to south India, are less expensive than in cities such as Mumbai and Delhi 2,500 rupees per night will get you a clean and well furnished budget hotel room in the town hall. There are less expensive and dearer options too.


Compare Hotels in Delhi

If you’re searching for a low-cost hotel in Delhi, Paharganj is the location to go. This disorderly traveler district is full of budget plan accommodations. Some are cleaner than others, and it pays to be selective when picking. Karol Bagh, a busy market location not far from Connaught Place, is an alternative to Paharganj for spending plan hotels. Otherwise, head to south Delhi for some decent choices.


Compare Hotels in Hampi

Ambient, simply supplied guesthouses abound amongst the ruins and boulders of Hampi. For 1,000 rupees per night, you can remain in a cottage. Lots of spaces are priced more affordable than that too! There are 2 main areas to stay in Hampi– near the bus stand and Main Bazaar, and on the other side of the river in Virupapur Gadde. Virupapur Gadde, with it’s chilled out environment on the edge of paddy fields, draws in a lot of hippie types.


Compare Hotels in Jaipur

Jaipur is one of the top locations for budget plan travel in India. If you’re going to India on a spending plan and do not want to invest excessive on accommodations, you can still have a memorable stay at a characterful property in the “Pink City”.


Compare Hotels in Jodhpur

It’s more affordable to stay in Jodhpur than Jaipur. Around 1,500 rupees per night will get you a magnificent space in a heritage hotel. If you’re traveling on a small budget, you do not have to pay far more than 500 rupees per night for a basic but clean room– and you’ll get a view of the Fort too!


Compare Hotels in Khajuraho

It’s possible to obtain a decent budget plan hotel room for around 600 rupees per night near the Khajuraho erotic temples. If you wish to stay somewhere comfortable with a pool, anticipate to pay around 5,000 rupees per night. It’s a good idea to have a look around Khajuraho when you show up and pick a hotel that you like. Hotels typically have jobs, so discounts are possible. Also know that there are a lot individuals in Khajuraho who will attempt to take you to hotels that give them a commission, so do take care.


Compare Hotels in Kolkata

Lots of hotels in Kolkata show the city’s colonial appeal. The most hassle-free areas to remain in are around Park Street and Sudder Street, in the city center. An economical guesthouse will cost you about 1,500 rupees a night. Spend 4,000 rupees per night, and you can remain at the distinguished and eccentric Fairlawn Hotel. Rooms in worth for cash shop hotels are readily available for under 6,000 rupees per night.


Compare Hotels in Mamallapuram

Mahabalipuram beach (or Mamallapuram as it’s otherwise called), near Chennai in Tamil Nadu, is the pick of the beaches on India’s east coast. It’s got a flourishing backpacker scene, however is likewise popular with tourists who come to unwind at the resorts there. The cheaper hotel choices are located in town. If you’re prepared to pay a bit extra, you can stay in a hotel with a swimming pool. A spending plan beach resort will set you back 3,000 rupees per night upwards.


Compare Hotels in Mumbai

Mumbai, with real estate costs on par with those of New York City, is an infamously costly city to stay. This can make discovering excellent budget plan hotels challenging. However, if you look thoroughly, there are some decent locations providing affordable service for a cost that’s fairly easy on the wallet. If you’re prepared to sacrifice a few conveniences there lots of fundamental budget hotels available. The majority of them are in the Colaba tourist area, and they receive numerous reports. Nevertheless, the cleanest and highest inexpensive hotels are in surrounding locations such as Fort.


Compare Hotels in Rishikesh

Rishikesh, which attracts travelers from all strolls of life, is understand for its exceptional series of inexpensive hotels and guesthouses that are fantastic worth. Here are some of the very best.

Udaipur (with Lake Views!).

Compare Hotels in Udaipur

Udaipur, believed by numerous to be the most evocative and romantic city in India, doesn’t require you to remain in a high-end palace hotel to enjoy its charms. There are a lot of economical hotels to select from, using magical views of Lake Pichola and the Lake Palace Hotel (when it pertains to actually experiencing Udaipur, the view is necessary). You’ll find a lot of them in the tangle of touristy streets around Lal Ghat, near the City Palace and Jagdish Temple.


Compare Hotels in Goa

Although Goa isn’t the incredibly low-cost destination that it once was, it’s still possible to remain in good accommodations on a spending plan. There’s a wide array of world-class hostels (the majority of which have personal spaces along with dormitories) and guest homes to select from– whether you wish to remain by the beach or in a village!

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